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aluminum qoghDu'DajDaq Blast HablI'

product description1. generally lo' aluminum qoghDu'DajDaq bach Blasting HablI' aluminium production aluminium jaQ-processing industry 'ej in order to Dub product qualit Hoch


product Description

1. generally lo' aluminum qoghDu'DajDaq bach blasting HablI' aluminium production aluminium jaQ-processing industry 'ej in order to Dub product laHlIj ghor corrosion resistance je Hoch.

2. mechanical sand ghor treatment high-speed rotation impeller, yoDSutlIj naQ grit along be tajvaj high-speed woDlu'chugh QujmeH pImbe'DI' aluminum ghor aluminum ghor, HIp rup sand ghor processing formation tey mup lo'. tlha' 'utmo' Dujvam ghaj mechanical ghor sand: corrosion resistance aluminum fatigue yIqaw aluminum yIn; extending Dub Dub Sep aluminum ghor cham optimize; compared ghaH chemical treatment method, ghaHmo' sand ghor treatment productivity laHlIj 'ej Dub; labor intensity sand ghor mIw reduce; reduction environmental pollution.

technical Parameters:

lugh HablI' according to workpiece requirement je chup SoH maH.

technical parameter bach Blasting HablI'modelitem
1workpiece widthmm800120015002000250030004000
2inlet opening sizemm800 * 16001200 * 4001500 * 4002000 * 4002500 * 8003000 * 8004000 * 400
3workpiece 'abmm1200-120001200-60001200-120001200-120003000-120002400-120004500-18000
4roller speedm ghap min0.5-40.5-40.5-50.5-40.5-4.50.5-42-8
5jengva' thicknessmm3-603-601.5-603-603-603-1104.5-110
6abrasive flow ratekg ghap min8 * 1204 * 2504 * 2506 * 2506 * 2506 * 3608 * 360
7pImchugh chuqmey poHmey abrasive tebkg40004000400045004500800011000
8'ab brush tetlh lISmm400200350450600850900
9ventilation capacitym3 ghap h22000175601900019550277582805038000
wa'maHtotal HoS bach blast HablI' (pagh dust collector).kw9078.3113.6156.6224.55204.829

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