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anchor mIr Blast HablI'

specially anchor ghor Say' mach bach blast Say' luch, 'elbogh development 'ej wey neH Duj anchor bach Say' HablI' blasting production specializing


wey Duj anchor specially anchor ghor Say' Say' HablI' blasting bach production mach bach blast luch. ghaH rewbe'mey'e' jaS mIr ghor oxide ghor appendages 'ej Say' Say' development 'ej specializing. 'ej luch. jen production rate jen laHlIj yoDSutlIj naQ grit dust 'ej separation, Say' 'angbogh Da 'ej 'eS failure rate, etc je Say' mIr nagh latlh domestic.

Say' HablI' ejection anchor mIr, Say' je appendages ghor, cable ghor oxides ghor 'ej emerge mep deformation ghor flow wey according to luch yIqaw chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej production pong countless high-speed movement projectile users requirements 'ej effectively anchor mIr fatigue yoD, HoS je corrosion pe'vIl resistance pong vaj pumDI' qoghlIj Dub blast bach Duj anchor.

'elbogh composition tlham 'ej characteristics

Duj anchor blast rewbe'mey'e' qon Say' HablI' bach pa' pa', ngaQ blasting bach HablI', separator, spiral conveyer, bach HablI' rIp, vuDmey tlhopDaq projectile pat, elevator platform blasting lifting, DughajmoH 'ej Dev rutlh ghom, pill pat, QutlhwI' 'oH, dust removal pat, electrical SeH 'ay' 'ej latlh 'ay' export.

pong ghap specificationanchor mIr Blast HablI'anchor mIr Blast HablI'anchor mIr Blast HablI'
workpiec size16-52 mm< 127 mm< 152 mm
blast capacity bach200 * 3 kg ghap min250 * 3 kg ghap min280 * 3 kg ghap min
yapbe'mo' blast rutlh11kw15kw18.5kw
capacity lifting33t45t50t
dust collector HoS11KW15KW22KW
ventilation10000 m 312500 m 320000 m 3
total HoS57kw76.5kw99kw

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