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HablI' Etching Texturing tetlh

texture etching machines1 tetlh. product introduction: tetlh texture bach HablI' blasting especially bach blasting designate je, roller. roller laH wej neH blasting bach


texture etching HablI' tetlh

1. product introduction:

tetlh texture bach HablI' blasting especially bach blasting designate je, roller. laH wej neH feculence ghaytan oxidation mIllogh qonwI' qoSta', spatter, welding 'etlh QorghHa'lu'chugh ragh, teq 'ach je roller hs90-95 yo'a'neS Hajmo' instead of hs4-45 rigidity intensify pa' mIw texturing bach blasting roller. tress concentration eliminates, 'ej roller anti fatigue Dub, vaj 'op roughness Suq roller. jen efficiency, 'eS cost 'ej cost-effective.

2. Qap Principle:

vaj bach pa' ngaQ blasting 'ej doesn't workpiece(rolls) vIH, trolley puH Duj DIng rubber tIH (roller) ngaq HIp DIng around axis Qutlh. arranged impeller nach on the top of pa' lom inject vum ghor chenmoH le' pills, blast workpiece ghor, bach Hutlh original geometric precision HIp ngoQ ghegh chav Qaw'.

3. technical parameters:

workpiece cylindrical roller.

max. workpiece size (mm): 800 x 5000 (l)

mIw: excircle texturing

impeller nach HoS: 22kw

workpiece mIw: automatic trolley (laH wa' 'ay' lup Hoch poH) qeng.

4. texture bach HablI' blasting tetlh chaH Dapon 'e' yI 'ay':

1) le' trolley puH Duj tetlh texturing

2) bach blast pa' texturing

3) impeller nach

4) screw conveyor

5) bucket elevator

6) jejlaw' separator

7) storage hoppers pills 2

8) controllers pills 2

9) rotary vibration, HablI' 2sets jIHDaq

10) pa' yor sealing

11) Dev lunaDHa'

12) foundation(providing civil construction drawing)

13) pat dedusting

14) electrical SeH

'elbogh Technical Parameters (tetlh bach HablI' Blasting)

Qo'.pongtechnical De'
1hardness roughingHSD93 ~ 98
2roller diameterΦ260mm≤Φ600mm
3roller 'ab500 ~ 2000 mm
4total 'ab rollers1100 ~ 4000 mm
5ghor roughness texturing qaSpu'DI' blastingra0.5~5um±15%
6'aqroS ngI' tetlh≤4000kg

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