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roller Conveyor bach HablI' Blasting

roller Conveyor bach HablI' Blasting

Blasting HablI', Garage luch, rItlh pa' manufacturer bach ghap supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, offering Roller Conveyor bach Blasting HablI', cha' Post Hydraulic puH Duj Lift, Economical rItlh booth je ngaj.

basic Info
  • ghantoH ghobe': q69

  • cleanliness: jen Cleanliness

  • certification: ce

  • je: chu'

  • 'ab workpiece: 6000-12000 mm

  • speed: 1-9 m ghap Min

  • Coefficient vuDmey tlhopDaq: 8000-20000 Cubic Meter

  • trademark: HoD ghap oem

  • mung: qingdao, jungwoq

  • application: yoDSutlIj naQ Pipe

  • automation: Automatic

  • feature: Critical Say' ghap Residue tlhab

  • customized: Customized

  • diamter workpiece: 22-3600 mm

  • Say' Efficiency: 100-350 mach neH luDan Meter ghap Min

  • hydraulic HoS: 55-110kw

  • total HoS: 220-450kw

  • specification: ce, sgs, iso

product Description

1. neH Hoch
2. rational construction
3. competitve 'ay'
HIj timely 4.

oxide welding slag teq HablI' yoDSutlIj naQ tube pipe products Ha' internal external 'ej ghor blast 'ej applicable 'ej inner stress eliminate latlh miscellaneous items, metallic luster cha', workpiece fatigue resistance, ngoQ ghor 'ej internal laHlIj Dub enhance. DeSDu' poH rap vum DoS supplementary Say'-woDDI', naQmoH wanI'mey Say'-woDDI' ngoQ.
lo': Widely lo' series Say' HablI' (qgw) applicable Sar diameter yoDSutlIj naQ tube ghor Say', pa' petrochemical industr /steel/central tuj /water supply drainage 'ej. je ngaj.
SeghwoDDI' tube diameter tidyabrasive flow ratewoDDI' speed tidy
QGW20-5030-500 mm2 x 250 kg ghap min0.5-4 m ghap min
QGW80-150250-1500 mm2 x 750 kg ghap min1-10 m ghap min
Hoch bIquv bach blasitng HablI' customer nIS rom mavanglaH
pa' inquiry tlha' De' maHvaD je inquiry yIHev, lutul maH chenchoH je technical proposal DeSDu' poH wa'DIch technical 'etlhDaj lel chay' ngeH SoH maH!.

1. max. Qo'noS 'ab workpiece.
2. max. Qo'noS width workpiece.
3. max. Qo'noS 'ab workpiece.
4. productity bImejnIS workpiece ('ar rut pagh 'ay' per jaj pagh per jar?) blasting
5. supply HoS nIS SoH (such as 380v, p 3 50 hz yIHegh)
6. Dunmo' workpiece photo 'etlhDaj lel chay' pagh ngeH maHvaD.

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