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HablI' blast bach rotary raS

HablI' blast bach rotary raS

basic Info

ghantoH no.:q35je: chu'
poH yIn QaQ laHlIj: tIqcolor: SuD 'oH pong Color pagh
oem:oem chavmoHHablI': begh 'oH Qanghachpat'e' bach HablI' Blasting
'ay': Competitive 'ay'chavmoH: pov chavmoH
shipment: Shipment yo'a'neS Hajmo' poHcost: 'eS
choSay'moHlaH Segh: Automaticspecification: iso9000
mung: qingdao, qingdao, jungwoqbrand: knnjoo

rotary raS blast bach HablI'


1. chaw' placement rutlh multiple mup 'ay', wej neH wa'! vay' 'ay' blasted 'ej minimises repositioning jotlhmeH ngaj, tall, tev, pagh leSpal effectively ensures.

2. lo' HablI' Say' Hegh, forgings, castings, weld, braise 'ay', 'ej qaStaHvIS baS tuj treatment mIw Say' application. especially DanoHmeH Qap 'ay' 'oH collision HajchoHtaHvIS bach blast.

3. vegh location blast reasonable projection jenwI'-HoS bach against Hum ghor sand attachments 'ej oxide Huv ghor, rach 'ej fatigue HoS workpiece Dub ghor.

4. 'utmo' Dujvam jen productivity, 'eS consumption HoS, mach mIchHom-tlhap, ngeD leH 'ej yo'SeH ghaj. productivity je laH Dub 'oH 'ej real poH-saver.

automatic loading ghap unloading luch bIquv HablI' blasting bach offer maH.

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