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HablI' bach-Blasting Segh qogh not 'e' DanIS

HablI' bach-Blasting Segh qogh not 'e' DanIS

Blasting HablI', Garage luch, rItlh pa' manufacturer bach ghap supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, offering not 'e' DanIS qogh Segh bach-blasting HablI', cha' Post Hydraulic puH Duj Lift, Economical rItlh booth je ngaj.

gn, circulation purification pat, automatic pat (optional), ghoch pat, dust removal pat je electrical SeH, je' rIp, blasting pellets snb rubber ghoch HablI', blasting, qatlh bach bach consisted blast HablI' bach blasting bach etc. (bel legh figure total ghun)
bach neH warehouse qaSpu'DI' predetermine mI' artifacts chel, pneumatic lojmIt, automatically SoQ tInwI', yItungHa', qaH QaQ pong 'In 'ej flipping, 'elmeH, raD high-speed projectiles, chuH fan-tu'lu'bej jol pImbe'DI' against workpiece ghor blasting bach HablI' starts workpiece. chuH projectile qung ghoch, vaj bIngDaq pe'lu' screw conveyor conveyor 'emvo' hoist, flows sand 'ej separator separation mentioned hoist. vaj precipitator dust box bIS'ub pum dusty SIp vo' pa' dust filtration, vaj choSay'moHlaH jejlaw' vaj muD, jejlaw'-Say' dust suck fan, laH periodically Huv user. laH reused waste sand, discharged vo' waste pipe. recovered, chev 'ej vaj chev pill sand mixture vo' wItI'nISmo' vaj pa' lom pipe recycling; projectile Say' pong lojmIt vaj bach blasting 'ej Qap 'ay' polishing pill.

description luch 'ay' je
consists HablI' Say' mup, pneumatic lift lojmIt, SIp SeH valve pellets, SIp SeH pat, automatic unload pat, hoist, screw blower, separation pat, electrical pat 'ej latlh 'ay' blasting.
rubber ghoch series SeH 3gn、snb、gn20x, ghoch series。 yoDSutlIj naQ SeH gn20g、gn40g
3gn-i、snb-automatic lojmIt series.
3gn-ii、6gn-ii、snb-ii、gn20x、gn20、gn40 Hoch automatic lojmIt series、automatic je' series.

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