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wire vIQoy qogh bach Blasting HablI' ghap ghor Say' HablI'

wire vIQoy qogh bach Blasting HablI' ghap ghor Say' HablI'

Blast HablI', bach Blasting HablI' manufacturer bach ghap supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, offering vIQoy qogh bach Blasting Say' HablI', 'eS 'ay' jen laHlIj pup after-sales chavmoH je.

basic Info
  • ghobe' ghantoH:QWD

  • nIn:electric

  • cleanliness:jen Cleanliness

  • certification:CE, ISO9001

  • je:chu'

  • bach HablI' Warranty Blasting:wa' DIS

  • yan bach HablI' Industry Blasting:mach 'ay' woDlu'chugh, jengva', yoDSutlIj naQ Forgings, granit

  • bach bIraqlul Blasting:'etlh, Impeller, Distributor, 'avwI' jengva', etc

  • bach HablI' lo' Blasting:baS ragh teq

  • industrial SIQpu'bogh:SIQpu'bogh DIS rIn 20 targhHom veDDaq noch chut lulajpu'bogh

  • trademark:KNNJOO

  • mung:shandong province, jungwoq

  • application:mach Castings, Forgings, Weldments, etc

  • Segh:qogh abrator vIQoy

  • automation:automatic

  • feature:ragh ghap tob Corrosion

  • customized:customize

  • DuHIvDI' after-Sales chavmoH:jonwI' lupoQ chavmoH mIqta' Overseas

  • export SIQpu'bogh:qaSchoH 2009, puS 35 Sep

  • Say' mIw:yoDSutlIj naQ bach latlh Abrasive 'ej

  • bach Blasting Loading:chom

  • 'ay' Hap 'u' tuQ:jen Chrome, spmn13, zgmn13, etc

  • ngoq hs: 8424300000

  • product Description

qogh bach Say' HablI' Blasting vIQoy

targhHom veDDaq noch Customization chut lulajpu'bogh chavmoH supply. laH rav yuQmeyDaq HablI' according to customersand vIlopQo' jay' 39 chut lulajpu'bogh; details requirement 'ej workpiece!

lo' wire vIQoy qogh bach HablI' blasting foundry castings 'ay' nagh je. qon 'oH automatic loading, unloading, offload conveyors, 'ej PLC 'ay' lulIjbe'lu'bogh SeH shotblasting pat je. jen yIqaw bach HablI' blasting nobmeH mach 'ej medium dimension Qap 'ay' castings 'ej blasting.

SoHvaD fragile workpieces laH treat series HablI' SeH chuq laH wej Hot 'ay' during shotblasting mIw.

cost-effective yIqaw deburring, Say', descaling, deflashing pagh etching DuHIvDI' wire vIQoy qogh pat. extremely versatile 'ej qach medium--yIteb Hegh castings, heat-treat lopno', automotive rutlh, ferrous 'ej QI'yaH-ferrous castings 'ej weldments, etc ma' pat.

compact chut lulajpu'bogh, nap Qap principle
DoS jen yIqaw specific applications blasting bach
taH 'ej chong bach removal

morethan10yearsdesignexperienceengineers, competitivewithgoodquality
7asanhonestseller, QInvam wealwaysusesuperiorrawmaterial, advancedmachines, skilledtechniciansto
8promptdelivery, siteinstallationandcommissioning.

'utmo' Dujvam:
222, 000 m ^ 2productionworkshop, strongproductioncapacity.
4strictqualitycontrolsystem, ce,. bv, iso9001 tuv certificateavailable.
6timelydelivery, onehourtoqingdaoport.
7professionalafter-saleservice, emailwillbereplyin24hours.

De' mech:
moq: 1set.
settlement Currency: USD, rmb, eur.
mech mode: FOB, cip, cfr, cif, ddu, ddp.
payment wabmey: 30 vatlhvI' deposit pong rut ghap rut, ngaD yIDIl pa' delivery pong rut ghap rut, orl ghap [taH DeSDu' puS.

chavmoH after-sale:
1. installation 'ej yIlaDchu' wanI'vammo' tlha': sendone chamwI' je HablI' installation DaQaHlu'meH luq 'ej yIlaDchu', DIl customer chaH chaw', mebpa'mey 'ej diet.
2. warranty poH: 12 jar vo' yIlaDchu' completion date 'ach ghobe' puS 18 jar vo' date delivery.
3. supply naQ tera' documents: DaH nobvam Sa' installation 'etlhDaj lel chay', naHnagh chut lulajpu'bogh 'etlhDaj lel chay', paq manual, electric wiring diagram, electric paq manual je leH paq etc.

woQ contact jISaHchugh bel, 'ej qingdao jungwoq laSvargh vISuch yI'el vay' yu'.
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